GMR Tent Rentals
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Tents and Sidewalls

9x10 Marquee Walkways                                              $110.00
Excellent for connecting multiple tents or buildings together.

20x20 Frame Tent                                                         $200.00
Ideal for small ceremonies up to 50 seated guests.  

20x20 Elite Tent                                                            $150.00
Holds up to 40 People Seated.                                           
Available in White or White/Green

20x40 Elite Tent                                                            $250.00 
Holds up to 64 People Seated.                                           
Available in White/Green or White 

30x60 Elite Tent                                                            $775.00 Holds up to 100 People Seated.  3 18' Centerpoles.                 

40x40 Genesis Tent                                                     $775.00
Holds up to 80 People Seated. 21' Centerpole.                    

40x60 Genesis Tent                                                     $1210.00
Holds up to 120 People Seated. 2-21' Centerpoles.               

40x80 Genesis Tent                                                  $1,655.00
Holds up to 170 People Seated. 3-21' Centerpoles.                   

40x100 Genesis Tent                                                $2,050.00
Holds up to 200 People Seated. 4-21' Centerpoles.              

40x120 Genesis Tent                                                $2,550.00
Holds up to 250 People Seated. 5-21' Centerpoles. 

Sidewall Pricing 

Solid Sides 30'                              $1.25 Per Foot

French Windows                                $1.60 Per Foot     
Seating is based on Max. Capacity
    allowing room for Dance Floors, Buffet Tables, Bar etc.

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